Sunday, October 23, 2011


I have to start by giving props to my son. In my previous post, I mentioned that I was worried about his grades and I have to say he has really impressed me. He has pulled his grades up and although he probably won't make the Honor Roll this grading period, he has been working so hard and I'm VERY proud of him!

And following that awesome news...I still hate my job. Yes, yes I do...still hate it. How sad, but that's that.

Could I be depressed?...the thought just hit me today. I have dealt with depression before and usually I can tell when I'm having an episode but this feels different...I don't know. For instance, I have ZERO desire to do anything other than be a mom, be a student and have sex (which I'm not getting..another story). When I'm home, I'm either doing nothing, playing or talking with my son or figuring out a way to not be home. My home hasn't been truly clean since Feb (when I started the JOB). I've realized that I don't even talk to family much other than my mom. My brother in law (who I was really close to)texted me the other night and asked me where I've been. I haven't seen or spoken to him or my sister since the end of July and they live 5 mins away. I could go on with other reasons why I wonder if it's depression...

My second round of classes for this semester started this week and so far so good. I'm staying on top of things and hope to keep this pace up. I made a B and C (should've been a B..oh well) in my previous 2 classes. I just have not been able to stay on top of my class work since I started working in Feb so I want to stay ahead this term.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Depressed about sons grades...what to do?

My son is a third grader this year and so far it's been a challenge. He's been an A/B honor roll student the past two years and this year is starting out SO different.

This is week 6 (I think) of school and his grades at this point are NOT good at all. He has failed numerous tests in math, social studies and reading. He struggles some with reading and I really think that is the issue because even the math tests are mostly word problems this year (big difference from last years tests).

I don't want him to be discouraged but it's so disheartening everytime I go online to look at his grades and see where he has made a D or F on yet another test. He has asked me to stop telling him what his grade is and let him wait until he gets the paper back himself.

The first conference was Thursday and the teacher thinks he will be ok and has offered to put him in a reading program (he did this program for a little while at the end of 2nd grade). I just asked her what I can do to help him at home and she said the most important thing is to get him reading as much as possible and then discuss what he read.

It's just heartbreaking for me to see this smart boy who has never made less than an A in math, science or social studies, now bringing home F's in math and social studies.

We are a week beyond the half way point in the grading period and I really hope he can pull his grades up. He may not make honor roll but hopefully he will do better than he is now. I really don't want this to break his spirit (he already is not a fan of school).