Monday, July 30, 2012

Guess who FINALLY lost another tooth...!

That's baby!  One of the top front teeth finally came out two years behind most of his friends/classmates today and he looks super cute.  So this makes number 2 that he's lost naturally and hopefully he's on a roll now and won't have to have anymore pulled. 

He did get his space maintainer in last week on his bottom teeth.  He whined for a few days I thought I was going to pull my ears off but I think he's used to it now. The two new bottom teeth are growing in nicely and I have to pray that the rest of his teeth continue to come in the way they should.

Guess my baby really is growing up...sniff, sniff. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mom Spot randomness

I haven't posted much lately; guess I haven't had much to say honestly.  Life is pretty much the samehere.  Trying to enjoy both of us being out of school and finding cheap/free fun things to do with my son.  I want to plan a back to school, celebrate passing 3rd grade and state testing theme park trip soon. 

We have been trying to get more active the past few weeks.  I walk while my son rides his bike for at least 20 minutes and we've really been enjoying it.  When we first started, we were getting a lot of rain, so we got rained on a few evenings and had to skip several days.  I just hope we can keep this up once we start back to school and our evenings have to include homework...we shall see.

On a different note, I have recently realized that I no longer turn my nose up or judge women that do not have custody of their child/ren.  Being a parent is SO tough some times and add to that your own personal issues and sometimes it can feel like carrying a mountain.  If a woman feels it's best to let her ex husband/baby daddy/mother/sister what have you raise her child, then who am I to talk bad about her. 

The last few years have made me realize just how judgmental I was.  Every man not living with his kids was a deadbeat, every woman/man that slept with a married person was a whore, every woman not raising her kids was pathetic, etc.  I have come to realize I'm no better than anyone and several of the things I said I would never do; I HAVE done.  I just felt I needed to share this.

Until next time.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Free movies

I'm sure many of you know this already but many local movies show free movies during the summer.  Muvico is one of the companies and Regal shows $1 movies.  It's something fun and inexspensive to do with the kids during the summer. 

Today my son and I saw Rango (no we have never seen it before...whatever).  The movie was really cute actually.  One thing that bugged me is the theater was filled with little kids, like toddlers, and personally I don't think they really understood or followed the movie.  Anywho...happy viewing y'all!