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Whew, that's over!

Random Mom thoughts...

Oh Christmas tree...

He's Baaack!!

Almost made it..

Happy Thanksgiving!

The weekend

Report card day

Random Mom thoughts

Halloween fun

My son is becoming quite popular


Catching up on us...

Some firsts for my baby!

First skating party!

Mom Spot movie review

Tae Kwon Do

It's the weekend...yay!!


Our weekend..

Back to school

Blue day..

Cupcakes anyone?

Saw my son hurt by his dad for the 1st time...

Random Mom thoughts

I guess swimming just clicks one day

So, I may have a new job.

We're off to swm lessons to finish off the summer

The boy is home...

Wonderful Wednesday

So, I'm painting...

"I want to live with daddy"

Where's my ds?

How often do you take pics of your little one?

What to do, what to do...??

Gotta love computers

Do the phases ever stop or do they just change?

So far, so good

Can you say hot....

Happy Monday!

7 days and counting..

Schools out!

End of school year stuff

Fun at the park!

Wonder how much 6 yr olds are selling for..

Random thoughts about today

Why today...?

Why can't we just have cereal?

11 days and counting...

Rain, Rain

The Spider!!!!!

Hi Ms. P....

Family night at school

Summer is fast approaching..need suggestions

Who knew.....?

Welcome to my new blog!