I guess swimming just clicks one day

and they get it. At least that's how it seems with my son. He's taken swim lessons each year since 2 and I never really saw progression, until now! I can officially say I have a little swimmer...YAY.

I noticed it first in May when he took lessons with his Kindergarten class. Until then, no instructor could get him to put his head/face in the water. He would do a quick dunk but no swimming with face under water. He was never afraid of the water; just didn't like water in his face :O.

By the end of the week last week, he was swimming, arms and all!! This is the second week and today went really well. The instructor said she thinks he's ready for level 2. I guess that will have to wait until next summer since this is the last session for summer.

Just had to brag on my son.


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