Saw my son hurt by his dad for the 1st time...

I've posted about how ds wanted to spend the summer with his dad. For the most part, he's been spending the last few weeks with him and staying with me off and on. Well he hadn't stayed with his dad for a couple of nights and wanted to go on Thurs. He talked to dad and dad told him Friday night would be better.

I talked to ex-h Friday about 7pm and he said "bring him on." I got some more things together and had a couple of things to finish, so it was about 8 when we got to dad's house. I called on the way and his cell said he was on the phone. We got there and his car was there but no answer. Of course, I immediately got mad but tried not to let that show with ds. I asked him if he wanted to wait so we did for awhile. Finally he knocked one last time on the door and said "Mommy, I guess we might as well go." My heart sank looking at his little face :(

Once we got down the street he started to cry and my sadness immediately turned to RAGE! I wouldn't say ex-h is the best dad by any means, but this was out of character even for him.

The worst part is, it's Sunday and he has yet to call ds and apologize or explain. The sad part is, I'm sure he's mad at me at this point (left some not so nice messages on his voicemail Friday night), and he's punishing his son for it. Maybe I made the situation worse by leaving a nasty message but I was SO upset because ds was SO upset.

I couldn't post the other night because the post probably would've been filled with expletives...LOL! Anyway, just been praying alot because I know only God can fix this.

Sorry for the downer post today.


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