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Back to school on a budget

It's that time again in my household.  The boy goes back to school on Monday!  I'm officially the mom of a 10th grader...where has the time gone?!  My son doesn't want or need much to go back to school, which is fine by me.  He dresses pretty simple; jeans and tees.  Our most expensive purchase has always been shoes.  He loves a nice pair of sneakers, kicks or whatever we're calling them this  Since he started high school, we just get the basics for the first day: backpack, paper, pens, pencils and two pocket folders.  Each teacher will send home their individual class supply list during the first week, which kind of sucks because we miss getting to shop during tax free weekend (last week).

So for those of you that also have kids headed back to school, here are a few tips to keep in mind to help keep costs down.

Only buy what's needed.  I know it's tempting (especially when they are little) to buy all of the cutesy, glittery extra supplies but in r…

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