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What's been going on at The Mom Spot house you ask

I really don't post much anymore but feel the urge to drop by every now and then.  I keep saying I'm done blogging but just can't bring myself to shut it down yet.  So here's what's going on in our world...


School started about 40 days or so ago and the boy seems to be doing well in 5th grade so far.  Math has always been one of his fave subjects and I definitely think it's gotten harder.  They are really focused on decimals and division at this point; we will see how it goes the rest of the year.  He's still not in any outside of school activities yet (still working on that).  He is enjoying being a safety patrol and even one of the school employees noticed that he takes his responsibilty "seriously."  He was also selected for student council again this year! He enjoys it and hopefully it's something he'll want to continue in middle school.


So my job announced a few weeks ago that they will soon close the center I work a…

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