Mom Musings

I need another couple of weeks off but at least a few days need to be me; alone.  I love my son dearly but find myself lately in desperate need of some time to myself.  Even a few hours would recharge my batteries and give me the umph to keep doing what I do on a daily basis.  I feel bad because lately I'm short with him or find myself just saying "uh huh" when he's talking because at that moment all I want is quiet.  Maybe it's time to reach out to his dad and ask him to keep him for a few hours or overnight. Of course this would require me forcing convincing the boy! Part of what I'm feeling maybe related to PMS; possibly.

On the topic of PMS...This year makes 30 years that I have been having a period! THIRTY years!! That's a long time.  I have known for the last 10 years that I would more than likely never birth more children, so why can't I just shut this off already?!  I don't have bothersome periods but at this point in life they are becoming more of an annoyance than anything else.  I mean, what's the point? Since I'm on this subject, I will share my wonderful new discovery.  It's called a Diva Cup! I found this about a year ago but finally took the plunge and bought one last far, so good.  Only wish I had known about menstrual cups years ago.  Think of all of the money I could've saved on pads/tampons...ugh!

I'll try to end this on a more positive topic.  I started Weight Watchers a couple of months ago and am pleased to announce I have lost almost 10 lbs! It is coming off slowly but I'm staying within the recommended average of .5-2 lbs lost each week, so I'm happy with my results so far.  I know I would lose more if I cut out hitting the drive-thru ALTOGETHER! Also, if I add some activity to my life (so hard for me).  I've hit my 5% already, now just trying to get down another 5 lbs...slow and steady, slow and steady.

Have a great week!


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