Catching up

I haven't been around much lately...sorry.  I think I'm honestly over the blogging thing.  It served it's purpose for me and where I was in life.  Anywho...on to my updates.

As of May 4th, I'm now officially a college graduate!  It was such an exhausting awesome day! I actually got emotional and started crying during the ceremony, which I didn't plan to do.  During the prayer, I just started reflecting about how God had to be with me during the last couple of years helping me through.  I also started thinking about my late father and how happy and proud he would have been and the tears just came.  The only bad part about the morning was the miscommunication about the meeting place after the ceremony, which led to me not seeing my family (until we met at the restaurant)or having any pics taken of me in cap/gown. 

Now that school is over, I'm on to another goal I have for myself but I won't get into that one.  I will say that I definitely see more schooling in my future!

My boy is doing well and happy that school is almost over.  Not sure what the summer plans are yet; maybe a few different camps like we usually do along with some time with dad and granny.  We are still working getting his stomach issues resolved and praying a solution comes soon. 

Well that's all for now.


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