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So we just finished the first full week out of school and the boy has been chilling at grandma's and I took yesterday off to hang out with him.  We are counting down the days until Hawaii...Can.Not.Wait! I really wish I could be off during the summer to do more things with him but oh well. 

I reached out yesterday to the mom of one of his friends to try and get them together but no luck.  I understand that most of his friends come from 2 parent households and have siblings, so I guess that makes things different.  In our case, if we want to do something or accept an invite, all we have to do is say yes and go; there's no husband to consult and other kids to worry about. 

Anyway, this family is constantly busy; they travel with the oldest and her sport, and the 2 boys just got into football last year (one tackle and one flag).  The last year has been almost impossible to get the boys together and this is the child my son considers his best friend.  I think I need to step back and look at it objectively because usually I don't.  I don't really have friends (1 good one and 1 sometime one) even though I've lived in the same city all my life.  I just can't chase behind folks, it's not something I do. If I have to do all of the asking and pursuing, we probably won't stay friends long.

Anywho....back to my son.  I asked if the boys could get together and every week/weekend until July had an activity already.  I even offered for him to come to our house just for a Saturday (when I'm off) and there were plans for weekends too. She finally said the first weekend of July but that's when we will be out of town and shortly after that the other boy will start football.  What to do?  I've talked to my son about becoming involved so that he can make more friends but that has been a big fat NO.  I know they still consider themselves friends and the parents really like my son but why is it so hard to carve out ONE day for them to get together?! Am I making too much of this? My good male friend told me I was projecting my own issues onto my son.....hmmm.

Have a great summer all!


  1. First of all..hi! So glad to hear from you. Secondly..Hawaii???? I am over the moon happy for you and also insanely jealous. Thirdly...holy crap. Talk about over scheduling a kid. I'm such a freak about downtime. I've run into parents, over the years, who just aren't big fans of playdates, period. Maybe that's how they roll? Either way, you've done what you can. Ball is in their court.

    Have an amazing trip. And don't forget the sunscreen! I got my worst sunburn ever in Hawaii.

    1. Hey lady! I am so excited about this trip! Hope we have fun, just wish more of my family could've gone...oh well.

      This family is usually good with playdates and the boy has always been involved in some type of sport. I think the demands of tackle football are a bit more demanding though...who knows.

      My son seems to take it well when they can't get together. Ball is definitely in their court at this point.

  2. It's so hard... the coordinating. Here we have magnet schools so we don't go to school with kid in our neighborhood and school friends might live almost 30 minutes away.

    My son's best friend was a family friend, but the mom and I had a falling out in a way that means they can't get together anymore and my heart hurts for him. He tends to be a loner while his sister is constantly wanting play dates with a bevy of girls. WE have a week where The Girl will be in camp and he'll be with me so I'm hoping we can have a little heart-to-heart.

    1. We have a similar situation here with our schools. My son doesn't attend a zoned school; his school is about 25 mins from home and kids come from all over. This friend lives about 25 mins away in the next city. I understand that does make it tougher but I also feel those kids are over scheduled and ALWAYS have some activity to do, but anywho. I think son is over it at this point. He had a sleepover with another friend before we left and he hasn't even asked about the other boy. Works for me!


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