First skating party!

My 1st grader went to his 1st skating party yesterday...sniff, sniff. He really surprised me a few weeks ago when he said he wanted to go because he never wanted to go last year.

One of the school rules is that parents must attend if the child can't skate so off I went. He even rode the bus from the school (didn't want to ride with me...eek!)

It was SO and somewhat bittersweet to watch him play with his friends like a real big boy. The skating thing went ok. He just could NOT get his balance. My 5th grade niece and her friend offered to help, so I let them. That didn't go over very well because he was pulling them down....LOL! strapped on the skates and decided to hit the floor but he decided then that he wanted to play instead of skate...anywho

I guess he's really growing up and I can't stop it...


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