Some firsts for my baby!

I know he's not a baby; he's 6, but still my baby.

A couple of nights ago he asked to take his first shower. I know..not a big deal but it was to me. He was SO cute! I stood there peeking at him to see how he did. Am I sad or what??! I tried to take a pic but couldn't get a good one..LOL

Also, a couple of weeks ago I found a note from this girl in his backpack. He had a playdate with a friend that day and I guess he talked about it at school. This little girl wrote the cutest note asking if she could go with him and attempted to write her phone number for him to call her. It was just so sweet.

I think I was surprised that he was even talking to a girl because since he was about 4 he has declared that girls are YUCK! He's been talking to this little girl often and chose her to sit with him on the stage a few days ago at lunch. What the heck is going on...??!


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