The Spider!!!!!

My niece, my son and myself were riding along the other day, going home and all of a sudden I hear a scream from the back...."Mommyyyyy a spiderrrrr!!"

Needless to say I DON'T do bugs and I think I've passed my fear on to my 6 yr old son...anywho. I jerk the car over to the side of the road and we all jump out of the car (sad site). I finally had to call my brother in law to come hunt the spider. We're standing outside the car while people are passing by looking at us. Thinking back, it's actually pretty funny now but wasn't then. My BIL searched the car and I put everything in the trunk just in case he was hiding in something...LOL!

The monster spider did eventually resurface that evening when I was taking the stuff out of the trunk. He was even BIGGER than I thought; at least the size of my palm, yuck!! He crawled out of the trunk, down the side of the car and went under the car by the back tire and I had the spray ready. We didn't see him again, so I only HOPE he died outside somewhere.

Where's a man when you need one??!!


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