End of school year stuff

Well, it's almost here; the end of the school year. My son has 2 more days, or 1.5 really.

The kids were able to do swimming lessons despite all the rain we've been having...YAY!! They did miss 1 day and that was last week Friday because it was thundering and lightning. Their last day was Thursday and it was pretty much a fun day. The kids went off the diving boards, high and low and went down the slides. I absolutely could NOT believe MY son did both diving boards and the slides! I was SO proud of him!!

Friday was the last conference of the year and it was student led. I asked a few questions to get my son going. He answered my questions then wanted to know if we were done so he could go play, of course..LOL!

Later in the morning the Kindergarteners did a "Battle of the Books." It was so cute! I have to say, I was a bit surprised at the questions though. I couldn't even answer them! I went over all the stories with my son and thought we were prepared but...NOT! Anyway, out of the 4 K classes, my son's class is in last place. I've been drilling him all weekend (now that I know what the questions are like) and they do it again Monday. We'll see how it goes. My son said "mommy, the main thing is that we have fun."

Out of the mouths of babes...


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