Summer is fast approaching..need suggestions

What do you do with your school age kids during the summer? I'm currently not working but still looking (casualty of this horrible economy). I've been enjoying my time off and don't see any job prospects coming up before school ends.

As the only parent in the house, I know I need to have a plan but I want the plan to be flexible. If I want to keep my son home 1 week, and send him to camp the next week, I'd like to be able to do that. On the other hand, if I do find a job, he will need somewhere to go.

The place that he and I wanted him to go does NOT give refunds once you sign up for summer camp. It's the local children's museum and I decided we can go there anytime we want anyway, so that option is out.

There are a couple of other places that I can sign him up at that will give a refund if I decide not to send him there.

Any suggestions on this issue? Thanks all


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