Who knew.....?

Hi all!

I have a Kindergartener and so far this year has been such fun for me! I have one question though...who knew that starting K meant coming home with holes in the knees of every pair of pants??!!

My son does not have ONE pair of pants without holes in the knee. For me, this is a bit frustrating because I normally consign his nicer things, but won't be able to do that with any of his pants this time!

I was laughing with his teacher about it the other day. I told her at K orientation they should warn the parents and suggest that they patch the pants PRIOR to school starting...LOL.

My son's class spends alot of time sitting on the rug, so that may have alot to do with it. I've noticed alot of the kids propped on their knees instead of sitting on their bottoms.

Anywho...I just thought it was a funny subject and it would be fun to see what others have experienced with this.

Have a great day!


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