Happy Monday!

Not much going on here. DS is at vacation bible school. He woke up crying this morning saying he didn't want to go, of course (I didn't expect anything else from him...). I held him and encouraged him and told him how I also get scared when I have to do something new.

Anyway, he was fine when I left him in the class. He didn't even look back; just waved and said "bye Mommy." Hopefully he has a good day and learns something new.

I'm sitting here waiting for the phone to ring for a phone interview. My job hunt has been going on for 8 months now. Although I have enjoyed what will probably be my one and only chance to be a SAHM, it's time for a job to show up pretty soon.

I know it'll be hard at first for me and ds when I go back to work but I guess I have to. No hubby here to support us.

Ok, phone is ringing, gotta go!!


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