"I want to live with daddy"

That is what my 6 yr old told me the other night; just out of the blue. My only response was "OKAAAYYY." I thought I would just let it blow over and ds would forget about it. Ummm...no such luck!

He did explain that he only wanted to stay for the remainder of the summer then come back home. So anyway, he's been with his dad since Wednesday night and I MISS HIM SO MUCH!!!

I saw him last night and asked when he was coming home and he said "never." I'm trying to back off since this was his own idea but it's so hard for me. What if he wants to live with daddy forever....


  1. Never to a 6 yo could mean next week. Kids don't always have the greatest sense of time. I'm sure he misses you too. The good thing is that he has a father who is in his life, and at least he's close enough that you can still see him. ((hugs))

  2. You will drive yourself crazy with the what-if's.

    I know the feeling-my son has been saying that for years. This summer is the first time his father has been "stable" enough for him to stay with him, so I dropped him off there two weeks ago. He's in North Carolina-I'm in Michigan. And every day for the past two weeks my son has let me know he can't wait to get home, and additionally, he will not be spending next summer with his father.

    I think it's important to allow this, especially for boys-only because you don't want to be viewed as the wicked witch preventing from developing a relationship with his father. He may enjoy his time, but he will always remember his rock is you as his mother.

    Hopefully he's having a good time, but boys, as much as they want their fathers, will always need their mothers. Stay strong!


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