First week back to work...

and it wasn't great for me :( Not to sound ungrateful because I'm very thankful to have a job again after being out of work for so long, but it was tough! I was cranky and snappy most of the week (poor DS) and just tired, physically and emotionally.

The house is a complete mess because I haven't had the energy to even think about cleaning. Now I wonder how I did this for so long (working, being a mom, keeping a house together, etc.) I feel completely overwhelmed after this week and wonder if I'll be able to continue.

It doesn't help that the job I took pays about half of what I was making and I have to be at work at 7:30 which means leaving home around 6:45 to drop my son off at my sisters. I know my problem is that I want so badly to stay at home and just be a mom but I can't and in some ways that makes me angry.

Guess we'll see how next week goes.


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