The 40 yr old mom

So, I finally made it to the BIG 4-0! My birthday was on Tuesday (14th)and was rather uneventful. I've been thinking about (and planning for)my fortieth birthday for the last 2 years but once it got here, I had no desire to do much of anything. I'm happy to see another year and very thankful!

I had planned to have a big party and greet 40 in style but that didn't happen. With me being out of work for so long and Christmas almost upon us, I gave up the party idea a couple of months ago. I may still decide one day to have my party but it won't be anytime soon (maybe I'll do a 40.5 party...LOL!)

I'm finally done with the semester and happy about that because the last week really stressed me out (and probably aged me an extra year). To celebrate me birthday, my mom, son and I went to dinner. I was looking and smelling good, so I'm good with that!

Happy 40th to me!!!


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