I HATE cancer!

I'm going to apologize yet again for being missing in action. I've just been really busy with life, being a mom and school...ugh! I really would love to just have a moment to myself but alas, I keep going; like the Energizer Bunny.

My family's life took a turn a week ago. My mom was taken to the ER by ambulance early Friday morning and little did we know what was to come. She went there because she was having chest pains and we found out her heart rate was low, so they decided to keep her for a couple of days (which has turned into a week).

We pushed for a colonoscopy because she has been having bowel issues and even had trouble going in the hospital, despite the fact they were giving her medicine to make her go. She had the procedure on Monday and they found a fairly large tumor. The doctor was pretty certain it was cancer and wanted to go ahead and have it removed.

I visited her Tuesday morning and was told they wanted to do the surgery that evening...WHAT?! We hadn't even had a chance to digest all of this and now we have to decide on surgery! She had surgery Tuesday evening and about half of her colon was removed along with the tumor.

The pathology report came back today and it confirmed what the doctor and surgeon had already predicted...cancer. Before surgery, my mom said "I'm not having chemo." Now we hope she will change her mind but we do want to respect her wishes.

At this point, we're waiting for her to heal from the surgery and to see what the plan is from the Oncologist.

This week has been SO hectic for me but I keep going. If my mom can keep going through all of this, so can I. It's odd sometimes when I realize I'm still a daughter, even though I'm a mom.

I hope to come back and report good news...


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