Happy September!!

So we have made it successfully to the end of the second week of school and things are going pretty well! The 2 scary teachers are not quite so scary anymore maybe the fangs just haven't come out yet and the little one seems to be settling nicely into 3rd grade. The other day, I actually heard him say he's starting to like school. I'm so wondering who kidnapped my child proud of him!

A letter came home today saying that he was chosen to be a student council representative from his class..and he actually wants to do it. Again; still wondering what happened to my real child proud of him.

School is back in full swing for me as well and I've already missed an assignment. The realy question is...who the hell gives that much work during the first week of class? Who does that?! I just need to try and stay ahead and stop blogging and go do tonight's assignment stay focused.

Anywho..happy September all..I'll be around more or not...


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