Can mom go on strike...?

So, I'm the mother of an only child as most of you know.  I have to say, for the most part, he really is a good kid most of the time, but Houston...I think we have a problem.  I guess with him being an only child, it was easy for me to go overboard with taking care of him.  I mean it's not like I had 5 kids thank God to care for; just one.

I have realized lately though, that he is a bit lazy.  I don't make him do much shame on me and he only has a couple of chores. I ask him to empty the trash in his room and the bathroom and lately I have asked him to stop dropping his lunchbox on the couch.  My specific request for the lunchbox is take it to the kitchen and empty it out so it's ready for the next morning.

Well this morning I'm doing my usual routine and start fixing his lunch lunchbox.  I have told him if the box isn't in the kitchen, he will get no lunch and have to eat whatever is at school.  This morning I say "I don't see a lunchbox" and he says he's getting it.  As he's bringing the lunchbox into the kitchen he says "sometimes you're selfish." 

Ruh Roh (in my best Scooby voice)....rewind and let's try that again.  I leaned in really close and said "what did you say?" Of course, his reply was "nothing." forward to my question. Have I spoiled him? Do I do too much for him at 9? Should I back off and let him take on more responsibility? Do I already know the answers to all of those questions?

Chime in readers and tell me what you think.


Mom about to go on strike


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