Three on Thursday...(yeah, I know what day it is)

I'm really going to do better about posting this on Thursday; promise.  Now, let me try and find 3 things to be thankful for (in spite of the fact that my ENTIRE purse was stolen yesterday).  Here goes:

1. Neither of my accounts were touched by the asshole(s) thieve(s) that took my purse...YAY!

2. I have a free night to myself since little one is spending the night with a friend!

3. It didn't rain today (okay, so I'm reaching with this one)


  1. Ugh...sorry about your purse! What a pain in the butt. So glad they didn't get their hands in your bank accounts.

    Hope you enjoyed your "free night"! Little breaks are nice every once in a while, aren't they?


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