Saturday, May 30, 2009

End of school year stuff

Well, it's almost here; the end of the school year. My son has 2 more days, or 1.5 really.

The kids were able to do swimming lessons despite all the rain we've been having...YAY!! They did miss 1 day and that was last week Friday because it was thundering and lightning. Their last day was Thursday and it was pretty much a fun day. The kids went off the diving boards, high and low and went down the slides. I absolutely could NOT believe MY son did both diving boards and the slides! I was SO proud of him!!

Friday was the last conference of the year and it was student led. I asked a few questions to get my son going. He answered my questions then wanted to know if we were done so he could go play, of course..LOL!

Later in the morning the Kindergarteners did a "Battle of the Books." It was so cute! I have to say, I was a bit surprised at the questions though. I couldn't even answer them! I went over all the stories with my son and thought we were prepared but...NOT! Anyway, out of the 4 K classes, my son's class is in last place. I've been drilling him all weekend (now that I know what the questions are like) and they do it again Monday. We'll see how it goes. My son said "mommy, the main thing is that we have fun."

Out of the mouths of babes...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun at the park!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.

My son had a playdate this morning (officially his 1st!). We met a little boy he used to play soccer with at the park. This park is awesome and it's my son's favorite park.

Well a couple of weeks ago they made it better and opened a water play area! As HOT as it is here during the summer, I'm really surprised it's taken this long to get a water play area....

Needless to say the boys had a ball! I think I might get in on the fun next time...HA HA

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wonder how much 6 yr olds are selling for..

Just kidding! Seriously though, my little one has been so emotional since yesterday and I'm not sure why. He's been grumpy, moody and at times teary (is that a word?). I feel like I'm living with a teenage girl instead of a 6 yr old boy...LOL! Oh well, guess that's what mom's do; try to make things better.

Here's to a nice long weekend!

Hope everyone else has a nice Memorial Day weekend.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Random thoughts about today

Well, the kids did get to go to swimming lessons. It was still sprinkling but no lightning so they let them go. I'm glad because my son really seemed to do well and enjoy it.

I'm having a rough time lately because of a personal issue. I'm trying to keep the happy face especially for my son's sake. I don't really want him to see me sad. Is that realistic?

A little funny on me....I went to pick my son up from school. About an hour after we got home, I realized my shirt was on the wrong side..LOL! Why didn't someone tell me? Maybe no one noticed. Anyway, we had a good laugh about it.

Why today...?

We desperately need rain so I'm not complaining about it. Unfortunately, the Kindergarten classes at my son's school are starting swim lessons this week. It's been raining here since early this morning and I don't see it stopping anytime soon.

Oh well, there might be some very disappointed little one's today. Maybe tomorrow.....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why can't we just have cereal?

I think I've created a monster.... We didn't go to church this morning and I really wanted to lounge a little longer this morning but that didn't happen. I told my son we were having cereal and he says "no, I want pancakes and sausage." Why do I feel like I still have a husband...?

I guess it's my fault because when we grew up there was ALWAYS a hot breakfast and both my parents worked. I guess I was trying to continue that. Now I have a 6 yr old that just started eating cereal last year before school started and even now he doesn't want them very often. I think I need to teach him to cook....LOL!

Friday, May 15, 2009

11 days and counting...

Only 11 more days of school! I can't believe it. It's actually bittersweet for me but that's another story.

The kindergarteners have swim lessons all next week and 3 days the following week. That should be fun and interesting.

I just CAN'T believe my baby is almost done with Kindergarten already. I was SO nervous about him starting school and now the year has flown by....

Everyone seems to be looking ahead to summer vacation now. I finally made a decision about what to do with my son for the summer and I signed him up yesterday. I still plan to keep things flexible with him since I'm not working but I do have my Plan A, B, case I do find a job soon.

How much longer does everyone else have before school ends?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain, Rain

I'm sitting here listening to the wonderful sound of rain, finally! I was actually surprised because my son and I headed out for our evening walk/bike ride and the drops started, so we turned around.

We need the rain so bad here because my grass looks like hay...LOL. I love watching it rain, so I'm happy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Spider!!!!!

My niece, my son and myself were riding along the other day, going home and all of a sudden I hear a scream from the back...."Mommyyyyy a spiderrrrr!!"

Needless to say I DON'T do bugs and I think I've passed my fear on to my 6 yr old son...anywho. I jerk the car over to the side of the road and we all jump out of the car (sad site). I finally had to call my brother in law to come hunt the spider. We're standing outside the car while people are passing by looking at us. Thinking back, it's actually pretty funny now but wasn't then. My BIL searched the car and I put everything in the trunk just in case he was hiding in something...LOL!

The monster spider did eventually resurface that evening when I was taking the stuff out of the trunk. He was even BIGGER than I thought; at least the size of my palm, yuck!! He crawled out of the trunk, down the side of the car and went under the car by the back tire and I had the spray ready. We didn't see him again, so I only HOPE he died outside somewhere.

Where's a man when you need one??!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hi Ms. P....

That's what a little girl at my son's school just said to me. I was shocked, really! In my 6 years as a mom, that was a first...LOL. Most of the kids my son knows call me 'Joshua's mom.'

My niece goes to the same school as my son and she's in 4th grade so I'm meeting alot of the older kids. This little girl is a friend of my niece's and I usually see her around the school. It was just really funny to hear my name like that. I had to look around to see who she was talking to..LOL!

I guess I'm really a grown up now huh?!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family night at school

I think my son 's school has to be THE BEST! They do such fun stuff and it's just a great place overall. I'm really glad he's there.

Friday was Family Night. We picked up McDonald's on the way(I know, not good). We could've purchased the dinner they had but decided to pick up our own.

After we ate, they started the talent show. It was so cute watching the kids do their 'talents.' One little girl did the hoola hoop to Cha Cha Slide...hilarious!! I think she stole the show.

They also displayed 1 piece of each child's art around the school and the book fair opened on that night. It was really alot of fun and I'm glad we went.

My son saw alot of his classmates as well as his teacher and her family.

I LOVE this school!!