8 years?!....where has the time gone.

So yesterday was the little one's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you son!!! It's just so hard to believe I've been the mother of this awesome little boy for 8 whole years! Time is moving along way to fast for me and I feel like I'm trying to keep up and not let it pass me by.

We had a nice simple day, no party this year. He said several times "this was the best birthday ever!" That just proves that kids often love simplicity and don't need all of the grand gestures we throw at them.

We continued today with more family time, which was also great.

Have I learned anything as I look back over the last 7 years? Yes! I've learned patience (most of the time), I've learned that children watch more than they listen, I've learned that my heart holds more love than I ever thought imaginable, and I've learned to have fun all over again.

Thanks son for being the funniest, most handsome, smartest kid ever....Love you!!


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