The cavity monster...ugh!

It seems the cavity monster has invaded our home...BOO! I have been so proud of the fact that the little one has not had a cavity, well so much for that. He went to the dentist yesterday and they found 2...EEK, and these have developed since his last appointment 6 months ago. The weird thing is I went to the dentist last week and my dentist found 2 cavities and both of us have the cavities on the right side. I'm upset with myself because I feel that I haven't been a good example and didn't enforce the dental hygiene as much as I used to (bad mom).

My dilemma is do I have the little one's cavities filled or not?! Even though he's 8 he still has ALL of his baby teeth. I don't like the idea of paying to fill baby teeth that are going to fall out. What to do, what to do...


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