Random, random and more random

I'm back for another episode of random mom thoughts at the spot. I'm feeling very much on edge for some reason today, so my thoughts might be ALL over the place, sorry.

First, I'd like to meet the person that told women we could have it all. You can't!! Something will go lacking if you're trying to do too much. Right now I feel like I"m lacking. I get the short end of the stick and something needs to change.

Second, I'm feeling resentful and that's all I'll say on that one. (see above)

I now truly understand why couples sacrifice so one parent can stay home with the kids. (of course, as an unmarried person, that's not really an option for me, is it?!)

I really want to finish school because I've worked SO hard the last couple of years and overcome a few obstacles to be where I am, but right this very moment, I WANT TO QUIT!

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer today but these are my thoughts.


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