Making friends at 40

I'm not sure what I've been going through lately (PMS, depression, mid life crisis), who knows. What I do know that the one thing that I've gotten joy from for 8 yrs, seems to bring me more aggravation than anything. That thing is being a mom (I feel bad just typing it out).

When I first got divorced, I made being a mommy my life. I've never had many friends (despite living in the same city my entire life) and that has always been fine for me. Lately it doesn't seem to be ok anymore. I need (want) something for myself.

I went back to school to get my degree a couple of years ago (after a layoff) and I feel some gratification from that but there's still something missing and I need to figure it out soon. To clarify, I love my son and spending time with him. I also love my own company, so I don't need to be surrounded by people constantly.

I just want some time to myself every now and then (which I don't get-that's another post) and I would like to go out to events that aren't kid/family oriented. I feel like a horrible mom lately because most of my frustration gets dumped on my son, which isn't fair to him and leaves me (and him) feeling horrible!

The issue is for me is everyone I know, including my sisters and my son's friends' moms, are all married. I have nothing against married people but I'd like to meet some people that are single with kids. The million dollar question is, how do I meet people and make friends at this stage in my life?

I feel this would give me an outlet and make me a better mom.


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