Why does my son go crazy when I'm on the phone???

I don't get it so I'm reaching out to other parents for help/answers. I'm not much of a phone person, so I'm not on it it very often. My son has always gotten my undivided attention for the most part.

But I've noticed something that disturbs me: he totally gets into things when I do get on the phone!! I just don't understand. This has been going on for awhile and I've mostly ignored it because it's not a frequent thing, but I don't want to ignore it anymore (he's 8 for goodness sakes!!).

Last night I was on the phone and the conversation did go a bit long (number 1 reason I don't talk on the phone); maybe an hour and a half. I left the family room because my son was watching tv there and usually he tells me I talk too loud.

Anyway, when I was picking up later that evening I noticed a couple of things. He had gotten dental floss and cut it into little pieces on the floor and he also got this tape I use for hemming pants and cut that into little strips. Of course, I asked him why he did it and his answer was, "I don't know."

Is this an attention getter or what?


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