Three things on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I"m posting my 3 things in the spirit of this day. There are way more than 3 things that I could post because I have to constantly remind myself of all the blessings and good things I DO have in my life (which is why I started this series).

My 3 things:

Cell phone--my baby is out of town this week (BOO HOO) and I can't imagine NOT being able to talk to him everyday

Family--although most of them went out of town (and I spent the day alone), I still wouldn't trade them for anything

Being off today--didn't think I would get the day off and that would've been my first time ever working Thanksgiving. Glad it worked out for me

Have a great one all!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope you are able to get some rest and relaxation in this weekend.


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