Today's thankfulness

Sometimes it is really difficult for me to see the positive in my world (the reason I started this series).  The last couple of weeks, I've been making more of an effort on a daily basis to be more positive. 

Three things for today:

1. Just had more financial aid added to my account! How weird is that considering we are about 13 weeks into the semester.  Maybe this is confirmation that I should take summer classes.  It didn't look like I would get enough aid for summer but now I can use this money toward summer classes. 

2. I think my son has a new play date buddy (and he lives right down the street)! He has known this boy since 1st grade because they go to school together and they are in class together again this year; for some reason my son never wanted to play with him outside of school, even though the boy used to ask for playdates.  Last week we found out they just bought a house not far from us because son left homework at school at we had to get it from this boy  and we went over for a little while.  They had a ball! Now they both keep asking to play with each other.

3. Our home

Don't be shy readers...let me know what you're thankful for today. 


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