The N word

It's been a minute since I've posted, sorry.  Busy trying to keep up with the boy, 3 classes and the dreaded job.  Things have been pretty good my way though; school is still going well for both of us, which makes me smile!

My son has a friend from soccer that he's known for a few years and we got  a chance to see them this weekend (fun!).  We actually hadn't seen them in a year although they only live a few blocks away.  The mom went back to work full time and she works an odd schedule like mine; she works on days that I'm off, so getting together just hasn't happened. 

This family includes a mom from Argentina but she's been in the US for several years now, and dad is white and a son and daughter.  I mentioned this because I wanted to think it has alot to do with the rest of the story I'm about to post. 

Anyway, we were going to the beach in the evening but the clouds came and the sprinkles started so we just went to their house and sat and talked for FOUR hours about everything. At one point the daughter, who plays viola and just started middle school, came out to tell me about how she wanted to start a band with her 2 best friends who are black.  She wanted to call the band Oreo, which I thought was cute!  As the convo went on, she mentioned that one of the girls said they could call the band "One cracker and two black girls."  So she said her reply was "we can call it "one cracker and two niggers." The mom joined in on telling the story and they were laughing as I sat there giving them both a blank stare (wish I could insert a gif here). 

Let me also mention that my son has no black friends, although I try to expose him to different situations, but I guess he likes who he likes and I have no problem with that.  Back to the story...I wasn't sure how to address that because I'm usually very vocal, but this caught me off guard.  I think mom noticed the look on my face and mentioned that the girls were all just joking.  I do plan to address this with the mom because I understand she is not from this country and doesn't understand the history of the N word or this country's racial history.  That being said, part of me feels bad because I should have taken that moment to give her and her daughter a brief education. 

Now, I'm feeling that I need to educate my son on this word just in case he's around them and they casually throw that around again...Awww...the joys of parenting.


  1. Wow...that's pretty wild. I cannot imagine being in that situation. (trying to picture the gif, though, ha!)

    Don't feel bad about missing out on an opportunity to educate anyone on something like sounds like they've lived here long enough to know the stigma surrounding that word. And I find it hard to believe that it's tossed about casually in other cultures, is that really true???

    It's so hard being a parent. Having to protect our kids from "dangers" everywhere. Arm your son with knowledge and history...that's the best defense against just about anything.


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