Mom Spot Randomness...

I really haven't had much to say lately and nothing interesting going on.  My life stays pretty routine, which works for me most of the time. 

I will start off by reporting on how the boy and I are doing in school.  He is doing great so far in 4th grade!  It's almost wierd because it seems as though this year is really too easy.  Maybe after the difficult time he had in 3rd grade, this year just seems like a breeze.  I don't know.  So far he has two A's, a B, and a C (which I know he'll pull up before the grading period ends). I'm just really proud of him...Woo Hoo!

The three classes I was taking ended this week and grades were posted yesterday...drumroll please....two A's and a B!!!  I was SO afraid of taking three classes at once, but I did it (patting myself on the back). 

Not much else is going on in our lives right now.  We are FINALLY getting some cool mornings here...finally!


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