My new pet peeve...texting this has zero to do with parenting, or being a mom but I'm still posting it because it's my blog I want to.   Before I get bashed; I am a texter and understand the appeal.  I was introduced to texting in 2008 by this guy and it worked for our situation.  I work in a call center and am attached to a phone all day and am unable to take personal calls, so texting is great when I'm at work because I can still be in touch, if needed. 

So, onto my peeve.  I see what texting has done to teens and the 20 something generation.  They seem to have no idea how to have real conversations with people.  For instance, my 24 year old niece (mom of 3) will text me late in the evening to ask me to watch one or all of her babies.  Huh?  Isn't this something you pick up the phone for?  My response is usually no response. 

The texting craze seems to be affecting people in my age range (40's) and older people also.  For instance, just today I got a 4 page text from my sister ! Again...huh?! My only reply to the text was "ok" was all I could muster. Funny, because I actually started this post before I got the megatext from her (but she confirmed why I'm posting this). First of all, you are mid to late 50's with a birthday quickly approaching...if you need to tell me something, pick up the phone when I'm off work or catch me on Saturday when I'm off.  Also, my good friend who will be 60 this year (that I introduced to texting), will text me even when he knows I'm not working.  Last year, I even got a birthday text instead of a call from a family member! Who does this? 

I could go on and on but I won't.  Just needed to get this off my chest.  I already feel distant from my sisters (different post for a different day) lately and texting me instead of calling, doesn't help that situation.  This is another case of technology gone wrong it seems.  Am I alone in feeling this way? I guess I will just continue to not respond. 


  1. I have a love/hate thing with texting. Sometimes it works because of the reason you gave (at work, unable to gab on the phone) other times I feel like I use it as a defensive mechanism, so I don't have to talk and MAYBE ACCIDENTALLY SHOW MY EMOTIONS, lol.

    I do think it's crippling our younger generation. I'm horrified by the spelling and grammar I see from the youngsters.


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