Randomness from The Mom

Hey readers...how's it going?  I haven't shared my random thoughts lately so I thought I would.  Here ya go:

This thought is not meant to be offensive or thoughtless but it's something that crossed my mind recently.  I notice that women seem to take ALL of the heat when it comes to affairs.  If she's sleeping with a married man, she's a skank, whore, slut, etc., and usually it's other women throwing these names around.  I often wonder if men look at other men that are sleeping with married women and call them names...hmmm...I doubt it.  Personally, I think the man that is married and sleeping with multiple women is the slut, whore, etc.  Then again, I have found that I think and act totally different from 95% of females that I know and have encountered...oh well. 

On a lighter note; I refuse to turn my a/c back on at home but it has been so uncomfortable in the house the last few nights.  I've been turning the ceiling fans on so we can sleep somewhat comfortable.  It's been around 80 degrees for the last couple of weeks...ugh.  I know this is part of living where I live but sometimes, it would be nice to have a cool Christmas, not a Christmas with beach weather. 

I'm still wondering why 4th grade has been so easy for my son.  I really feel like I'm missing something and they're going to spring some crazy hard work on him for the rest of the year and he won't be prepared.  He got his report card Friday and made the Honor Roll (YAY!).  Don't get me wrong, this is how he normally performs, and I'm super proud of him, but I think the rough year he had last year really threw me.  Is 3rd grade really that hard in my state?!


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