Missing in action lately

Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm still here and alive :) I've been a bit busy trying to keep up with being a mom, studying and working and unfortunately mom blogging has suffered.

Things are going well here, the little one is doing well in 2nd grade and the school year is winding down for him. I can't believe I will soon have a 3rd grader!...wasn't it just yesterday that I was nervous about him starting kindergarten! :o

School is going well for me also and I recently found out I'll be getting financial aid for the summer term..WOO HOO! I applied for scholarships so hopefully I'll get one.

I posted last time about starting a vegetable garden and that has yet to happen. I really hope I haven't missed my window to plant the things I want. I'm still working on keeping my new plants alive in the front of the house and trying to decide what to plant in my circle near the curb...decisions, decisions...LOL!

I promised myself that I would post at least once a week and haven't been keeping that promise lately, so I'm going to do better...promise.


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