Random thoughts

I honestly don't have a lot of thoughts to post this week. I took the weekend off to hang out with the little one during the end of his Spring Break. I thought we would go away for a long weekend but that didn't happen, so we've just been doing things close to home. We went to the beach yesterday and took my 1 yr old great neice; that was a bunch of fun!

I really do dread the thought of going back to work on Monday. It's really sad but true. I've been very emotional and depressed lately and hope the funk lifts soon. This weekend off has been nice and I just want to enjoy my last day tomorrow.

I've decided to start a vegetable garden. I do NOT have a green thumb and have never been a gardener...EVER, so this should be interesting. I'm also going to bring some life back to my flower bed in the front and hope to eventually get my yard looking up to par again. I'll try to post pics as I go along.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Im sure getting out in the garden will life your spirits!
    I'll be interested to follow your attempts at a veg patch as Im just about to attempt the same :S Good luck!


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