Pooping in public (or not)

My son was potty trained just before turning 3 and has had problems with pooping since then. He's never been an every pooper (stopped going daily around 3/4 months old), yet the pedi said that wasn't a problem because "some people don't go daily."

After he was potty trained, his teacher said he never went at daycare and around the age of 4 he started having accidents occasionally. The accidents became more frequent around 5 or so and that's when I started researching and took him to the doc and they said it was Encopresis (which I had already found out myself).

Anyway, he's been on Miralax since then but I don't give it daily as I should. I keep track of his poops and if he goes more than 3 days or so, I start the Miralax.

I'm posting this because of a conversation my son and I just had. I think in the back of my mind I knew his 'withholding' had to do with him not wanting to go in public but he finally confirmed that. I sneaked put some Miralax in his apple juice, this evening and he walked in on me, so he wouldn't drink it. I told him I had done the same thing last night and he drank it just fine. He said he doesn't want to drink it because he "might go to the bathroom at school."

I told him as I have before that it's ok to poop away from home (school, granny's house, dad's house, etc.). Maybe this will be the time that sinks in so we can beat this issue. The good thing is that he hasn't had an accident in about 2 years...YAY!!

Anyone else?


  1. Oh...wow. I can feel your pain! Out of my four kids, I had one with what we called "poop issues", and I think that may have been the hardest thing I dealt with when the kids were little. I really don't miss the years of the sharting, it got so bad I started just tossing his underwear instead of washing it. But...mine is almost 14 now and those are very distant memories.

    He still has stage fright when it comes to public pooping. I think it stems from the fact that when these withholding guys do finally pinch one off, they are usually the size and consistency of a brick and can cause toilet emergencies. Maybe they fear clogging a public toilet? Best of luck to you..2 years is awesome.



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