Bloggers Block

I just realized the month has passed me by and I have only posted once..eek! I promised myself I would do better and update at least once a week (okay, so I've failed). I've been busy and honestly haven't had much I wanted to say.

The ex got married a week ago (posted about that in my last post). I worked that day (as I do every Sunday) and really didn't think much of it until...I was calling another AAA club for a member and the representative put me on hold. What was playing on the hold music?!...the song "You are so beautiful," the very song I walked down the aisle on when I married the ex. Weird because I don't think I've heard that song but probably twice since the day of our wedding (May, 1998). I did have a little teary moment and had to get myself to the bathroom after I finished that call.

I also realized he chose to get married just 8 days before the day we got married (whatever). Anyway, the son didn't attend the wedding. He didn't want to go and I wasn't going to force him to. He still chooses not to discuss it. I did stop by the school counselor's office just to ask her to speak with the boy about his feelings.

Anyway, I'm still on a journey to forgive and the fact that the ex has become even more of a deadbeat than he already was is making forgiveness that much harder.

Guess I wasn't blocked after all (LOL); just needed to put fingers to keyboard...


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