The pot and the new wife..

So I found out today that my ex is getting married. I was at work and saw his number on my phone (he never calls me), so I answered it because I thought it might have been an emergency with the boy (not sure why I thought that because the school would call ME first, not him) Anywhoo...he said he was getting married on Sunday. It's weird, but I'm actually relieved he's finally getting married, now he can stop asking me for sex leave me alone.

We've both been single for 9 years, so I guess it was time. The boy doesn't want to attend the wedding and I don't plan to make him do so. He's kind of quiet about the whole thing, which concerns me but he did say he's not happy about the marriage. I'll just keep my mouth shut because the boy doesn't spend much time with the ex anyway.

I'm sure you're wondering why I mentioned a pot in the title. Well, it ties in with the ex. When he divorced me and I moved out, I had NOTHING, so he gave me a pot along with a few other things for the kitchen to get me started. I've had the pot all this time. It's little and good for boiling something quick.

I let something scorch in the pot a few months ago and have not been able to get it clean, yet I've held onto it. I've decided to let go of the pot and today's wedding news gives me the extra push I needed to do so. I'm not sure why I haven't let go of the pot. Maybe the same reason I haven't let go of the anger after 9 years...

Still taking baby steps towards forgiveness.


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