Finally lost a tooth!!

My son is 8 and it finally happened yesterday morning! He's super excited and I'm excited for him. He's already a cutie pie but now he's even cuter! He is the last of his friends and most classmates to lose a tooth (and he's really been bummed about it since Kindergarten).

He's excited to go back to school on Tuesday to show his teacher. He'll finally get his name on the tooth chart (2nd grade is probably the last year the teacher will keep a chart for tooth losses); yay, he made it just before the end of the school year.

One funny thing though, last night I was talking about the tooth fairy (I usually don't get into that stuff) and he said "the tooth fairy isn't real. The parent just puts money under the pillow and takes the tooth." I said, "ok, guess you won't have any money then," and he said "well maybe the tooth fairy is real." LOL! He's so funny. By the way, he got $5 for losing his first tooth.


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