Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday updates

So, I thought I would update on some of my previous posts. I'll start with the good news.

My mom had a PET scan last week Friday and the results came back normal (that means scan found NO cancer!) Also, her second round of blood tests came back normal as well...YAY! My mom was supposed to start chemo this week; needless to say, she's not doing that. I'm so thankful!

I posted about my little one needing to have 3 teeth pulled and that his new tooth was growing in behind the baby tooth. Well, he had 2 teeth pulled a couple of weeks ago and I'm happy to say the new tooth is already moving up nicely into place...YAY!!

Now on to the random stuff...

The rooster/hen or whatever from next door is gone! It seems someone called code enforcement on the neighbors and reported the chickens. I did find out that you can have chickens in the city limits but they have to follow all of these rules in order to keep them. So, the chicks are still there but the noise maker is gone...YAY!!!

I'm back to seriously job searching (yet again). I've been on this job almost 6 months and I've never in life hated anything this much. It's truly a chore to go there and it's turning me into a miserable person, so I have to get out.

Otherwise, I'm just trying to enjoy the days off I have with the boy before we both go back to the books in a month. Hope everyone is doing well

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I HATE cancer...part dos

So mom has been out of the hospital a couple of weeks now and healing very well. She has been in really good spirits until Thursday, when she saw the oncologist :(

She saw the surgeon on Tuesday and had her staples removed. He said she healed very nicely and was good to go. On Thursday she saw the oncologist and he said he's pretty sure all of the cancer was removed during the surgery but 1 lymph node was found with cancer, so he wants her to have 12 rounds of chemo. My mother said from the VERY beginning, she did not want chemo, so that's where we are.

The doctor does want her to have a PET scan just to be sure there isn't cancer anywhere else in her body and we were able to convince her to at least have that done. So now we just wait...again.

I really hate that my 72 year old mother has to go through this, especially after beating cancer 20 plus years ago! I'm trying to stay positive and remember to take care of myself and my son during this whole process.

Positive thoughts and prayers are welcomed

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Random Saturday thoughts (and questions)

Why in the HELL do I have to wake up to chicken crowing when I live in the city?!

Why does it seem I have the only 8 year old that has only lost ONE baby tooth?! Now a new tooth is growing behind a baby one and it has to be pulled. I don't want my child to go through that nor do I really have the money(but it has to be done)

My mom is healing well and is in good spirits (which is great!). She had her first follow up appointment on Tuesday and she see's the surgeon next Tuesday. After that we will start meeting with the Oncologist to see what the treatment plan will be.

Well, my grades posted and I have made my first F since going back to school two years ago. I was sad and disappointed in myself but now I'm over it. I won't make excuses and I take full responsibility for the grade. I have already registered for the class again to take in the Fall. My ex-h used to always say "drop back and punt." That definitely applies in this situation.

It's official....I'm now part of the Xanax club! My doctor wrote me a prescription yesterday. I'm usually pretty averse to taking uneccessary meds but I'm more than willing to take this one. I actually called the doctor last week because I felt anxious, weepy, shaky and just in a horrible mood. I wanted something to take but they took so long to respond that I called and said never mind. Yesterday, the doc said my heart was racing so fast!!!

I really need to find a better way to cope with life besides being angry and anxious....all suggestions welcome...LOL!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

Today's post is to salute all of those that help to protect this country and keep it free.

I hope everyone has had a safe, fun and happy holiday today. My son is home...YAY!! That made for the happiest holiday ever for me. He's in one piece and had a great time with his dad and family.

We didn't go see the fireworks this year because son wanted to get our own and set them off at home. We just came inside and I'm sweating like a pig...yuck! Despite that, I'm glad we did fireworks at home this year because it was a lot of fun. There were a couple of other houses down the street also doing fireworks.

Now that that's over, I'm sipping on a glass of wine and about to relax, finally.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Moscato induced random thoughts

Sooo, today's my day off and I've been mostly relaxing with some errands mixed in. The boy left with dad yesterday going out of town for the weekend and I'm home becoming a spinster alone. I miss him but he seems to be having a good time and it's good for him to spend time with his other family because he doesn't see them often.

Went to my mom's house for a little bit while her carpets were cleaned. Then I had to go to the store to get me a bottle of Moscato. I wanted some last night but it was too late and I was tired and didn't feel like stopping at the store.

Anyway, I'm back at home for a bit and giving my hair some much needed TLC! I'll be going to my sister's house this evening to sit with my mom while sister and her husband go out(I really need to get a life).

In the mean time, I'm going to keep sipping on what's in my glass....

Friday, July 1, 2011

Random rainy July 1st thoughts..

As you know, I've had a lot going on in my life.

My mom was finally discharged from the hospital Wednesday evening! We're glad she's home but were a bit unprepared to care for her once she got home. She's staying with my sister for a few days and then I'll probably go stay with mom at her house over the weekend. Good news is that she's healing really well and appears to be in good spirits...YAY MOM!

The little one is on his way out of town this morning with his dad. Not sure how I'm feeling about that. I'm excited because son is excited about going but for some reason those fears and crazy thoughts (and dreams) that I always have started coming up last night as soon as I dropped him off at his dad's house. On one hand, I could use the break with all that has been going on with my mom. On the other hand, I'm annoyed because the ex decided to mention the trip to me yesterday afternoon...ugh! So after getting off at 6, going to spend some time with my mom, getting something to eat and getting home at almost 8, I had to try and do laundry so the boy would have clothes for the trip. It was getting so late and son wanted to spend the night with dad, that I ended up taking the damp clothes to ex's house and letting him dry them. Why can't we be like normal exes and have a schedule? Now the few plans I had with son for the weekend are trashed. I'm taking Monday off but could have worked and gotten that Holiday pay...NOT!

Anyway, hope everyone has a great day and weekend!