Random Saturday thoughts (and questions)

Why in the HELL do I have to wake up to chicken crowing when I live in the city?!

Why does it seem I have the only 8 year old that has only lost ONE baby tooth?! Now a new tooth is growing behind a baby one and it has to be pulled. I don't want my child to go through that nor do I really have the money(but it has to be done)

My mom is healing well and is in good spirits (which is great!). She had her first follow up appointment on Tuesday and she see's the surgeon next Tuesday. After that we will start meeting with the Oncologist to see what the treatment plan will be.

Well, my grades posted and I have made my first F since going back to school two years ago. I was sad and disappointed in myself but now I'm over it. I won't make excuses and I take full responsibility for the grade. I have already registered for the class again to take in the Fall. My ex-h used to always say "drop back and punt." That definitely applies in this situation.

It's official....I'm now part of the Xanax club! My doctor wrote me a prescription yesterday. I'm usually pretty averse to taking uneccessary meds but I'm more than willing to take this one. I actually called the doctor last week because I felt anxious, weepy, shaky and just in a horrible mood. I wanted something to take but they took so long to respond that I called and said never mind. Yesterday, the doc said my heart was racing so fast!!!

I really need to find a better way to cope with life besides being angry and anxious....all suggestions welcome...LOL!


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