Moscato induced random thoughts

Sooo, today's my day off and I've been mostly relaxing with some errands mixed in. The boy left with dad yesterday going out of town for the weekend and I'm home becoming a spinster alone. I miss him but he seems to be having a good time and it's good for him to spend time with his other family because he doesn't see them often.

Went to my mom's house for a little bit while her carpets were cleaned. Then I had to go to the store to get me a bottle of Moscato. I wanted some last night but it was too late and I was tired and didn't feel like stopping at the store.

Anyway, I'm back at home for a bit and giving my hair some much needed TLC! I'll be going to my sister's house this evening to sit with my mom while sister and her husband go out(I really need to get a life).

In the mean time, I'm going to keep sipping on what's in my glass....


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