I HATE cancer...part dos

So mom has been out of the hospital a couple of weeks now and healing very well. She has been in really good spirits until Thursday, when she saw the oncologist :(

She saw the surgeon on Tuesday and had her staples removed. He said she healed very nicely and was good to go. On Thursday she saw the oncologist and he said he's pretty sure all of the cancer was removed during the surgery but 1 lymph node was found with cancer, so he wants her to have 12 rounds of chemo. My mother said from the VERY beginning, she did not want chemo, so that's where we are.

The doctor does want her to have a PET scan just to be sure there isn't cancer anywhere else in her body and we were able to convince her to at least have that done. So now we just wait...again.

I really hate that my 72 year old mother has to go through this, especially after beating cancer 20 plus years ago! I'm trying to stay positive and remember to take care of myself and my son during this whole process.

Positive thoughts and prayers are welcomed


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