Random rainy July 1st thoughts..

As you know, I've had a lot going on in my life.

My mom was finally discharged from the hospital Wednesday evening! We're glad she's home but were a bit unprepared to care for her once she got home. She's staying with my sister for a few days and then I'll probably go stay with mom at her house over the weekend. Good news is that she's healing really well and appears to be in good spirits...YAY MOM!

The little one is on his way out of town this morning with his dad. Not sure how I'm feeling about that. I'm excited because son is excited about going but for some reason those fears and crazy thoughts (and dreams) that I always have started coming up last night as soon as I dropped him off at his dad's house. On one hand, I could use the break with all that has been going on with my mom. On the other hand, I'm annoyed because the ex decided to mention the trip to me yesterday afternoon...ugh! So after getting off at 6, going to spend some time with my mom, getting something to eat and getting home at almost 8, I had to try and do laundry so the boy would have clothes for the trip. It was getting so late and son wanted to spend the night with dad, that I ended up taking the damp clothes to ex's house and letting him dry them. Why can't we be like normal exes and have a schedule? Now the few plans I had with son for the weekend are trashed. I'm taking Monday off but could have worked and gotten that Holiday pay...NOT!

Anyway, hope everyone has a great day and weekend!


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