Saturday updates

So, I thought I would update on some of my previous posts. I'll start with the good news.

My mom had a PET scan last week Friday and the results came back normal (that means scan found NO cancer!) Also, her second round of blood tests came back normal as well...YAY! My mom was supposed to start chemo this week; needless to say, she's not doing that. I'm so thankful!

I posted about my little one needing to have 3 teeth pulled and that his new tooth was growing in behind the baby tooth. Well, he had 2 teeth pulled a couple of weeks ago and I'm happy to say the new tooth is already moving up nicely into place...YAY!!

Now on to the random stuff...

The rooster/hen or whatever from next door is gone! It seems someone called code enforcement on the neighbors and reported the chickens. I did find out that you can have chickens in the city limits but they have to follow all of these rules in order to keep them. So, the chicks are still there but the noise maker is gone...YAY!!!

I'm back to seriously job searching (yet again). I've been on this job almost 6 months and I've never in life hated anything this much. It's truly a chore to go there and it's turning me into a miserable person, so I have to get out.

Otherwise, I'm just trying to enjoy the days off I have with the boy before we both go back to the books in a month. Hope everyone is doing well


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