Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another day at the dentist...

Last summer my son had to have some teeth pulled because a permanent tooth was growing in behind a baby tooth.  The dentist wanted to pull 3 but my wallet I told them to just pull 2; so they pulled the one that had the new tooth behind it and the one next to it. Anyway, the new tooth grew in and eventually moved into place just fine but the dentist said this would be an ongoing process...yay.

A few days ago, I discovered a new tooth growing in the empty spot and I already knew it wouldn't have room so I made an appointment.  Well, the boy went in today and they pulled the tooth next to the new one, which was a canine and they also pulled his canine on the other side as well as a loose one next to it.  My poor baby now only has 6 teeth on the bottom. 

This evening he said "I look like a baby with these 2 teeth in the front."  I don't want him to be self conscious but want to do what's best for his teeth.  The dentist fit him for a space maintainer because she said the canines are anchor teeth and without them his teeth can shift.  Now I'm having second thoughts about the space maintainer because my son says he doesn't want it.  It will be cemented in and he may have to wear it several years until his new canines come in! 

Decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Randomness at The Mom Spot

I've been feeling "icky" the last couple of days.  I had an interview and 2 appointments today and cancelled all of them because I just didn't feel up to it.  I could definitely morph into a hermit if I didn't have my son.  I know part of how I've been feeling is depression and my doc put me back on anti-depressants and couple of weeks ago but I wonder if something else is going on with me....don't know

Today, I'm having a "hate my life" sort of moment.  I know that's horrible to say but I keep thinking of all of the what ifs such as what if we had plenty of money, if I didn't have to go to this crappy ass job 5 days a week, if I had someone to partner with in the day to day stuff (parenting, repairs, cleaning, decisions, whatever). I have no desire to be married again but ocassionally I think about how much simpler some things would be with two heads, incomes, etc.

Sorry for the downer post; I'm sure the next one will be more upbeat and positive.  Off to cook some lasagna rolls for dinner. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why does parenting have to be so hard sometimes?

I posted about my son wanting to go to camp with the church this week.  I was asking for advice which I got none of here about whether to let him go or not. Anyway, they are pulling out in the morning and I had already let him know I didn't feel comfortable with him going.  Today I said once and for all that he would not be going and I have NEVER seen him so disappointed...ever. 

It's been a rough day because he's been crying and sad most of the day with intermittent spurts of being ok.  He was just getting ready for bed and the tears started again because it hit him again.  He said "I just can't believe I'm not going in the morning." 

I think I made the right choice but now I'm second guessing and wondering WHO I made the right choice for.  It almost seems unfair that I'll be headed back to work in the morning (been off for a week) and he'll be stuck here with my mom or his dad instead of being at camp.

Why does parenting have to be so hard sometimes?...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday thanfulness: Thankful for a week off

So I'm off this week and enjoying most of the time with my son. This time we're just hanging at home and getting some stuff done as well as having some fun.  As much as I enjoy vacations away, I also like staycations! These days at home have really made me long for my days of unemployment.  Yes I know millions of people are out of work and would love to have my job and I would gladly give it to any one of them but I would rather be an at home mom.  There is SO much that needs to be done in my home that goes neglected because I just don't have the time, energy, desire, etc. Anywho...this is supposed to be a thankfulness post, isn't it? Here are my 3 for this week:

1. Happy for the week off

2. 2 more months of freedom before I go back to being a student

3. Peace of mind (for the most part)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Is 9 too young for sleep away camp?

I'm really having a hard time with this decision. Our church is taking the kids to camp next week and of course my son wants to go.  I've known about it for about a month and still can't make a final decision.  I don't go to church because I'm at work on Sundays but my son usually goes with my mom or sister.  My son is there every Sunday listening to them talk about how much fun it is and he has wanted to go from the begining.  Here are my  issues:

The camp is is NC!  Of all the camps in FL, why couldn't they find somewhere here to go? 

I will not be there!  My sister and 13 year old niece are going but it's still not me.  I'm off this week and had I known about it last October when I had to put in for my vacation, I would have taken next week off instead.

They will be gone for a whole week! Why not a long weekend instead?

I finally discussed it with his dad today and at first he said as long as auntie is going it's ok.  Then he found out she wouldn't be in the same cabin with him and he said "maybe he can wait until he's older." He didn't really give me a yes or no though.

I know if I say no, my son will be disappointed but I'm really not sure about what to do.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random rainy, Tuesday thoughts

I haven't been sharing my random thoughts lately but they're piling up, so I better get some of them out..LOL!

I know that my blog has readers but why doesn't anyone comment on my posts?  Are they boring, not catchy enough...what?  I would love thoughts on this subject.

Only 2 days of school left and I will have a 4th grader!  My son PASSED the state assesment and I am SO proud of him!!! Yes, I know this deserved it's own post; especially after the tough year he's had in school.  Did I say how proud I was?  The principal saw me Friday and came out and hugged me.  She said when she got the scores, his was the first one she looked for. 

On the subject of principal..on the way home, my son just told me that his principal is leaving!!  I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut.  This one makes me sad because I really had hoped she would stay there until my son finished elementary school.  A few months ago, I even told her she had to stay at least 2 more years...LOL!  I really thought she would stay because her daughter is starting kindergarten this year but oh's to Mrs. P!  You are an AWESOME principal and great with the kids; thanks for the last 4 years.

I'm supposed to go out with my sister on Friday.  Will I go or won't I?  I am so out of the loop with anything remotely adult-like going out and part of me is nervous.  The last time she asked me was a few months ago and I backed out at the last minute.  It would be fun to do something besides my usual but I'm not sure.