Random rainy, Tuesday thoughts

I haven't been sharing my random thoughts lately but they're piling up, so I better get some of them out..LOL!

I know that my blog has readers but why doesn't anyone comment on my posts?  Are they boring, not catchy enough...what?  I would love thoughts on this subject.

Only 2 days of school left and I will have a 4th grader!  My son PASSED the state assesment and I am SO proud of him!!! Yes, I know this deserved it's own post; especially after the tough year he's had in school.  Did I say how proud I was?  The principal saw me Friday and came out and hugged me.  She said when she got the scores, his was the first one she looked for. 

On the subject of principal..on the way home, my son just told me that his principal is leaving!!  I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut.  This one makes me sad because I really had hoped she would stay there until my son finished elementary school.  A few months ago, I even told her she had to stay at least 2 more years...LOL!  I really thought she would stay because her daughter is starting kindergarten this year but oh well....here's to Mrs. P!  You are an AWESOME principal and great with the kids; thanks for the last 4 years.

I'm supposed to go out with my sister on Friday.  Will I go or won't I?  I am so out of the loop with anything remotely adult-like going out and part of me is nervous.  The last time she asked me was a few months ago and I backed out at the last minute.  It would be fun to do something besides my usual but I'm not sure.


  1. Did you go? The stars lined up for me in that I got my classroom packed and my neighbors kept my kids so I went to a concert last night!

    Kudos to your son! I watched a mom cry last week because her son was on grade level for the first time ever. Made my day!

    1. No I didn't go (I know, I know). My sister seemed disappointed but it rained here ALL day and was raining when it was time to go and I just wasn't up for it.

      Thanks for the kudos for my boy. He is smart but 3rd grade kicked his butt. He'll be in tutoring over the summer to make sure he's better prepared for 4th grade!


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