Another day at the dentist...

Last summer my son had to have some teeth pulled because a permanent tooth was growing in behind a baby tooth.  The dentist wanted to pull 3 but my wallet I told them to just pull 2; so they pulled the one that had the new tooth behind it and the one next to it. Anyway, the new tooth grew in and eventually moved into place just fine but the dentist said this would be an ongoing process...yay.

A few days ago, I discovered a new tooth growing in the empty spot and I already knew it wouldn't have room so I made an appointment.  Well, the boy went in today and they pulled the tooth next to the new one, which was a canine and they also pulled his canine on the other side as well as a loose one next to it.  My poor baby now only has 6 teeth on the bottom. 

This evening he said "I look like a baby with these 2 teeth in the front."  I don't want him to be self conscious but want to do what's best for his teeth.  The dentist fit him for a space maintainer because she said the canines are anchor teeth and without them his teeth can shift.  Now I'm having second thoughts about the space maintainer because my son says he doesn't want it.  It will be cemented in and he may have to wear it several years until his new canines come in! 

Decisions, decisions...


  1. It probably feels funny because the dentist did it instead of it happening naturally, but my kids look about the same and there teeth all fell out on their own. The Girl is currently self conscious about the amount of space between her teeth and I told her it's a GOOD thing because as her bigger adult teeth grow in they will all fit and fill in the spaces!

    1. He's getting used to it now and back to eating whatever he ate before..LOL!


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